Protecting your mobility scooter

Protecting your mobility scooter from adverse weather and when in storage can extend the life of the scooter and more importantly offer you piece of mind and a reliable form of transport that will provide years of relatively care free transport. With the range of accessories available there is something suitable for all storage and protection scenarios.

Weather protection and storage

Like any piece of equipment that is in constant outside use it is important to store it properly. So first of all your mobility scooter must be kept clean and dry and any moisture removed before storing for any period of time. Wherever your mobility scooter is stored, even if you can store it in a garage or a shed it is likely to be subjected to some moisture. If you are moving from between temperature environments moisture can arise even in the best ventilated environments, so it’s good practice to cover your mobility scooter with materials that are designed for the task. 

In most of Europe the weather plays a big part in the use of mobility scooters and to a degree how long they last before repairs are needed. One thing is for sure, in the UK you are going to come across a scenario where you have to go out in the rain or even after rain when there are puddles and spray from road users to negotiate.

Most mobility scooter users will have a regime a set of accessories that they can use in a range of circumstances. One of the most valuable assets are covers that protect at least the seat and controls.

Whilst unavoidable, using your mobility scooter in the rain obviously has an impact on its longevity and can affect some of its operation. For most being prepared with a wipe down cloth is a wet weather ritual that keeps the upholstery dry and electronics operational. There is certainly no need for owners to be anxious about the inevitability of rain in the UK, many invest in mobility scooter covers to protect vital parts of the scooter such as the the seat and controls, or even full covers that can be used to cover the entire machine.

Full rain covers are pretty much universal and will fit virtually any make and model as they are elasticated around the ‘skirt’ to ensuring snug fitting protection.

Heavy Duty Mobility Covers

Not all mobility scooter users will have the ability to store their equipment indoors or under shelter and will therefore need alternatives. There are a wide range of heavy duty mobility scooter covers that are designed for heavier downpours when out and about, or they can be used for longer term storage. Such covers are made from thicker grade material, usually a PU backed polyester. These are less prone to degradation than some covers, the trade off is that is will most likely be heavier and so its use is subject to you and your mobility. It is generally recommended however, that the longer the storage the heavier the material needed.


As an electric vehicle, clearly the battery is the most important item when it comes to your mobility. It’s important to check this regularly, as your battery can be affected by a range of things that you may not give a thought to.

We all know that cold weather diminishes battery power, but any extreme weather can have an adverse effect. Even in normal use, it normal conditions a battery will lose charge over a period of time. It’s important to follow the manufacturers guidelines, this will most definitely extend the life of the battery. 

Your mobility scooter battery is not like a mobile phone battery, sounds obvious I know, but some batteries have a memory built into them, they will need to be fully discharged before they run at their optimum performance, some however do not, so take time to understand the differences and it could extend your battery life dramatically, get a simple regime together that follows the principles laid out in the instruction manual for your particular scooter.

In any event, get your battery checked at regular intervals to make sure you get the full potential.