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New Deluxe Standard Trailer Covers

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New deluxe standard trailer covers to suit most standard size trailers.  Offering maximum protection.

  • High quality heavy duty trailer cover
  • Made from a 650gsm blue waterproof PVC
  • Has a 3″ drop site
  • Brass eyelets
  • Anti rot marine thread

Additionally there is approx 1″ of extra material all around.


Another great UK made Trailer cover from the Cover Carry Store Trailer Accessories range



Introducing our latest addition, the Deluxe Standard Trailer Covers. Covering many standard sizes. They are designed to provide maximum protection for your trailer and its contents. Made from heavy-duty PVC material with a 650gsm weight, this blue waterproof cover is built to last. Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide long-lasting durability.

The trailer cover comes with a 3″ drop site and brass eyelets. This offers secure connection between the cover and the trailer body. The cover is available in standard sizes, all of which have an additional 1″ in length and width to ensure a snug fit. For named trailer brands, the covers are custom-made to fit the specific model advertised.

As a regular trailer user, protecting your cargo should be your top priority. The Deluxe Standard Trailer Covers offer excellent coverage for your items during transit and when storing outdoors. The waterproof material also ensures that your trailer stays in prime condition, even in rainy or snowy weather.

The Deluxe Standard Trailer Covers offer a secure fit keeping your cargo safe and protected while also making fitting easy and hassle-free. These covers, let you rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your trailer is protected from potential damage and the elements.

Investing in a Deluxe Standard Trailer Cover is a wise decision. Saving you time in the long run. Don’t wait until it’s too late, order your cover today and ensure that your trailer is protected and ready for any adventure.

Another great UK made Trailer cover from the Cover Carry Store Trailer Accessories range

  • Cover Size:

    126cm x 96cm, 157cm x 96cm, 157cm x 126cm, 187cm x 126cm, 218cm x 126cm, 218cm x 157cm, 248cm x 126cm, 248cm x 157cm