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Mobility Kerb Ramps

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Pack of 2 kerb ramps for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. They will deal with most UK road kerbs with an kerbside height of 100mm.

  • Hard Wearing
  • Portable or fixed
  • Securing points
  • 490 wide x 300 depth x 100mm high

These are tough and built to last and made here in the UK.



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A pair of light, hard wearing Mobility Kerb Ramps. Designed specifically for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. They are light enough and small enough to stow onboard and easy to lay down and retrieve. These are ideal for use when you are out and about or can be installed for longer term use courtesy of securing points for more permanent fixings.

Each mobility ramp is 490mm wide x 3oomm deep and 100mm at the kerb edge which allows easy access to areas that have raised access.

This pack of two ramps are sourced and manufactured in the UK and are part of our mobility accessory range.