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Electric Wheelchair Control Panel Cover

When using an electric wheelchair a control panel cover is often needed to ensure that the controls do not become wet and difficult to operate. It is also important that there is no water ingress that could damage or prohibit the use of the panel.This waterproof control panel cover for a electric wheelchair provides the user with protection against wet weather or damp conditions. It is also pretty good at keeping the hands warmer too.

The control panel cover is created from a backed nylon so it is softer on the hands than some panel covers.  It is has been designed for use with both hands so if your control panel is on the right or the left then it will fit easily.

It has a zipped bottom to make the cover easy to fit and a soft cuff seals the hand from any ingress and drafts.  A clear view panel ensures that all your controls can be accurately seen and comfortably accessed.

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Our waterproof control panel cover is produced from backed nylon and will protect your control panel from the rain. This Control Panel cover, has been designed for use with both right or left hand controls. It is easily affixed to the chair thanks to the zipped bottom. The soft cuff and clear viewing panel ensures that all your controls can be accurately and comfortably accessed. If you have one of the `pod` type control panels, then you need one of these.