Bugaboo Donkey Basket Cover

This Bugaboo Donkey Basket cover is made from a supersoft clear PVC. Part of our Bugaboo accessories range.

The Bugaboo brand has a reputation for quality, precision and practical design. It’s highly convertible and trusted by millions,  including a certain Royal couple!

So we have sourced and manufactured a range of accessories for the Bugaboo range.

This Donkey Basket rain cover is very durable and made from high quality material that you would expect from Bugaboo.

It is very easy to fit and stow away it provides protection from the elements when using the donkey basket with two children of differing ages.

The Bugaboo donkey basket cover is zipped at the top for easy access and added security.


Sourced and made in the UK like all our lifestyle Accessories


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Designed and made in the UK from supersoft clear PVC, this bugaboo donkey basket cover protects everything from the elements. The cover is it at the top for ease of access and for added protection and security.


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