Silver Cross Pram Covers

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The Silver Cross Pram has been part of English Heritage for decades, so we have sourced a UK range of super soft PVC Silver Cross Rain Covers. These are specifically designed to fit the Kensington and Balmoral models.

This product is designed to keep both child and pram dry as it is full cover. It has a velcro window vent to the front to be used between showers to allow access. It fits in seconds and folds away easily down to a compact size thanks to its flexibility.


As with all our products we look to get them manufactured in the UK to improve our quality control and assurance.



A selection of Sun, Wind and Rain Covers for the Silver Cross range of prams.

Options to fit the Balmoral, Kensington, Chatsworth and Oberon.

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    Kensington Rain and Wind Shield, Kensington Full Rain Shield, Kensington Sun, Rain and Wind Shield, Balmoral Rain and Wind Shield, Balmoral Full Rain Shield, Balmoral Sun, Rain and Wind Shield

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