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Whale Water System 12mm Connectors and Parts

A range of 12mm Whale water system fittings.  All genuine parts for easy repairs and installations.


We stock a selection of Whale 12mm Stem connectors for all your plumbing needs. Sort out that repair today.

Suitable for use with most Caravans, Motorhomes or Boats, easy to fit.

  • Whale 12mm:

    Stem Adaptor -Male, Stem Elbow, Stem Tee Adapter, Stem Adapter 1/2" Hose, Stem Adapter 3/8" Hose, Stem adapter 1/2" BSP Male, Mounting Clips, Line Stem Shut Off Valve, Line Stem Shut Off Valve Female to Male, Equal Straight, Equal Elbow, Equal Tee, Female Thread Adaptor BSP, Stem Reducer 12mm – 15mm, Connection Adapter 11mm-12mm, Tap Tail 3/8" BSP Male, Bulkhead Connector 1/2" BSP